Brief Chronicle

From the day it was founded, CEIM devoted its greatest efforts to the defence and representation of Madrid’s businessmen and businesswomen, and to our task as an elected delegate before the various government bodies.

Relations with Spain’s Institutions
His Majesty King Juan Carlos I has always shown a wholehearted interest in the Confederation’s activities. We have received sincere expressions of affection from him during the various audiences he has granted us over the years. This sympathetic, cordial attitude has had its continuation in the Prince and Princess of Asturias, who presided over the CEIM General Assembly in 2005, and who visited the Confederation’s headquarters the following year. For her part, Queen Sofía has honoured us with her attendance at CEIM’s traditional Christmas concert.

On numerous occasions, CEIM has received visits from Spain’s Prime Ministers. Felipe González attended the 1984 CEIM Assembly. José María Aznar presided over the banquet celebrating the Confederation`s 25th anniversary in 2004. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero closed the General Electoral Assembly in 2006. The visits and encounters with vice presidents and ministers of the nation’s government have been and are frequent. The contacts with the President and ministers of the regional government, and with the Mayor and City Councilmen of Madrid, have been even more frequent.

CEIM has participated, in all of these years, in a number of national government agencies, in more than 50 agencies of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, and more than ten in the capital`s City Council.

The cooperation joining CEIM, the regional government and the trade unions has enabled us to reach numerous major agreements for the economic and social life of our region. Outstanding among these are the agreements regarding employment and economic growth, training, prevention of occupational hazards, immigration, equality and reconciliation of work and family life (participating actively in the European Equal Implanta Project), etc.

CEIM’s concern for the environment is reflected in a great many actions, to include the Cooperation Agreement signed with the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the regional government for the development of the Madrid Enterprise Pact for the Environment, participating in the development of the environmental consultation website.

In the area of innovation and new technologies, CEIM has participated actively in the European Union R&D Framework Programme, and has signed programme contracts for the promotion of technology-based companies, the dissemination of the Madrid+d system, etc.

Small Trade
The preoccupation with small trade is a constant shared by CEIM, the Chamber of Commerce, the regional government and the Madrid City Council. This concern has given rise to a series of measures to aid small shopkeepers to update their commercial structures, intensify their specialisation and competitiveness, and adapt to new technological advances. Deserving highlighting is the establishment, within CEIM, of the Trade Council, in which the large, medium-sized and small shopkeepers are represented, in order to reach agreements on matters of common interest.

Presence Outside of Spain
Together with the employers’ organizations of London, Paris and Rome, CEIM founded the Businessmen Organizations of European Capital Cities (OPCE), which is composed today of 13 employers’ organizations of various European Union capitals. Madrid has played host to several meetings of OPCE, which has been chaired, in different periods, by Fernando Fernández-Tapias and Gerardo Días Ferrán, and is now headed by Arturo Fernández.

The need to boost the presence of Madrid enterprises outside of Spain motivated the creation of CEIM`s International Department, which in recent years has organized encounters for Madrid companies with their counterparts in other countries, helps our companies to participate in trade fairs and exhibitions abroad, and accompanies national and regional authorities on foreign missions.

With the support of the Community of Madrid, over the past six years CEIM has organized programmes of technicians for corporate internationalization. After a suitable selection and preparation process, participating technicians spend a year or longer in more than twenty cities on four continents, where they facilitate export activities for our companies in those places by providing market studies, promotional actions, contacts, etc. When they return, these technicians join international departments in associations and companies.

CEIM Foundation
In 1991, on the initiative of then Chairman Fernando Fernández-Tapias, the Fundación CEIM was created, which has been chaired since its inception by Max Mazín, with Agustín Mascareñas as Secretary. Among the Foundation`s activities, the Educational Enrichment Programme for Gifted Students in the Madrid Community stands out. This programme is administered in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the Autonomous Community of Madrid and the national Ministry of Education and Science. Another Foundation activity that merits highlighting is the Graphic Arts Competition for Young Creators, which benefits from the cooperation of the National Chalcography Centre of the San Fernando Royal Academy of the Arts and the Fundación Casa de la Moneda (Spain’s national mint foundation). This contest, now in its thirteenth year, is a reference event for young people who are getting started in graphic media, and for the centres andschools that teach these disciplines.

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