Governance Bodies

The governance bodies guarantee the democratic running of CEIM, through the participation of its associates in the decision-making processes that define the Confederation`s activity. These bodies are:

The General Assembly
This is the supreme representative body of the Confederation. It is composed of representatives designated by the associates, organizations and companies, according to a scale approved by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors
This is the ordinary collegial steering body. The Board is composed of the members elected by the General Assembly from no fewer than 25 nor more than 15 per cent of the representatives of the associates at the General Assembly, established by the Board of Directors, for each electoral period.

The Executive Committee
Permanent body for the governance, management, administration and direction of the Confederation and assistance to the Chairman. It is composed of the Chairman, the Vice Chairs, the Treasurer, the Accountant and the members, whose number is determined by the Board of Directors up to a total—including the officers—no greater than one third of the Board members.

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