Advisory Bodies

The Articles of Association prescribe, as consulting and study bodies, the Advisory Council, the Council of Chairmen and the Working Committees.

The Chairman’s Advisory Council provides its advice to the Chairman, and, through him, to the rest of the CEIM management levels. It is comprised of a maximum of 12 members, who may not be members of the Board of Directors and are appointed, at the Chairman`s suggestion, by the Board for a term of office equal to the Chairman’s.

The Council of Chairmen is a consultative body in service to the Board of Directors. Its membership includes the Chairs of all the territorial and sectoral organizations that are included in CEIM.

There is another, informally constituted advisory body to the Chairs called the Committee. This body is composed of the Vice Chairs, the Treasurer and the Accountant, who meet, in urgent cases, to prepare the important sessions of the governance bodies.

The Working Committees are working instruments that examine the matters on which the governance bodies must take decisions.  They are constituted by the agreement of the Board of Directors.

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