The History of CEIM

CEIM’s raison d’être, as Madrid`s Confederation of Employers and Industries, which is now celebrating its 30th anniversary, is linked to the establishment of democratic government in Spain.

In 1978 Spain experienced a historic political change. The elimination of Spain`s system of state-controlled trade unions broke up the *cliques which companies had been obligated to join. The independent trade unions were already organized before the country`s transition into democracy. More than necessary, the creation of employers’ associations was indispensable. A group of entrepreneurs led by Max Mazín had joined forces to create a voluntary, independent employers’ organization even before Spain’s Trade Union Freedom Act became law in April 1977.

Thus, in May 1976 they established the Independent Employers Association (AEI), chaired by Max Mazín, which inspired the Madrid Independent Employers Association (AEIM), which held its Constituent Assembly in January 1977, at which José Antonio Segurado was elected Chairman.

Two other intersectoral entities had been constituted in Madrid: the Madrid Employers Federation (FEM), promoted by businessmen gathered around Agustín Rodríguez Sahún and the Provincial Federation of Employers’ Associations of Madrid (FAEM). The latter joined AIEM, and on 28 February 1978, 24 associations and 82 companies signed the incorporating document of the Independent Employers Confederation of Madrid for the Small, Medium-sized and Large Enterprise, which is now CEIM (the Madrid Confederation of Employers and Industries-CEOE). Its first Chairman was José Antonio Segurado, while Agustín Mascareñas, who already held the position of AEIM secretary, was appointed Secretary-General. Mr. Mascareñas continued as Secretary-General until his retirement in 2000. He was replaced by Alejandro Couceiro.

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