Departament of International Relations

The CEIM Department of International Relations was created in 2002 by Gerardo Díaz Ferrán, who was Confederation Chairman at that time, for the purpose of meeting the needs of Madrid companies abroad. The Department began its work at the suggestion of the Madrid Community Government and with the support of Spain`s national employers’ organization, the CEOE, of which CEIM is a member. A grant programme was launched to send qualified people abroad to support Madrid enterprises in all the phases of their internationalization. Since that time, new activities have been added to foster internationalization and a line of activity has been initiated, focused on cooperation for development and devoted to boosting entrepreneurship in developing and underdeveloped countries.

In the context of expanding globalization, CEIM has, among its obligations, the mission of accompanying Madrid companies in their internationalization process by promoting exports, cooperation among companies and direct foreign investment. Further, the Madrid Confederation of Employers and Industries-CEOE, as a social agent, cooperates with official government aid to development and acts jointly with the government agencies concerned as a developer of development cooperation projects.

CEIM’s activities in this realm are the following:

- Programme of Advisors for Company Internationalization: Together with PromoMadrid, CEIM has a network of 30 young people in more than 25 countries. Apart from completing their professional training, these young technicians abroad provide a variety of free services to Madrid Community companies.

- Business Cooperation Forums Programme: Each year CEIM and PromoMadrid jointly organize 12 business delegations to different countries identified as high-interest destinations for Madrid companies for the promotion of business cooperation and productive investment projects.

- Programme of training for internationalization: Conferences and Seminars. Each year, thanks to a cooperation agreement with PromoMadrid, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and ICEX (Spain`s foreign trade institute), more than 70 conferences and seminars are organized on foreign markets and matters related to internationalization, all of which are intended to inform and train Madrid companies.

- Cooperation for Development: In cooperation with the Madrid City Council and the Autonomous Community of Madrid, CEIM participates in programmes to foster entrepreneurship in developing and underdeveloped countries. - OPCE, Businessmen Organizations of European Capital Cities ( ): CEIM is an active member of this entrepreneurs` organization of European capital cities, and has chaired it since 2007.

- Publications: Currently the Department publishes documents relative to its areas of competence.

- Other Activities: CEIM also cooperates regularly with foreign embassies and chambers of commerce in Spain, as well as participating actively in the relations with local government (Madrid City Council), regional government (Autonomous Community of Madrid) and national government (government of Spain) in the area of policies to promote internationalization and cooperation for development.

This department is, therefore, charged with achieving these objectives. Its chief function is to be the representative and voice of Madrid businessmen and businesswomen before the various agents (institutions), both national and foreign, that apply economic policies (to promote internationalization) and undertake development aid (to foster entrepreneurship) at the local, regional, national, European and multilateral levels.


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