Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives pursued by the Madrid Confederation of Employers and Industries-CEOE are:

•To foster and defend free private initiative in the framework of the free market economy, considering the private enterprise as a basic core for creating wealth and providing services to society.

•To promote the development of companies to benefit the general interest and, specifically, to contribute to the development and welfare of the Community of Madrid.

•To develop the spirit of solidarity among our members, fostering communication among them by informing them effectively.

•To represent and manage the general and common interests of its members before individuals, public and private entities and, especially, before the government.

•To act as a spokesperson of the general and common concerns before the media, with the aims of improving awareness of the socioeconomic function of private initiative and projecting a suitable image of businessman and businesswoman to public opinion.

•To represent and manage the general and common interests of our associates before workers` organizations operating at the same level.

•To promote employers` progress by conducting studies and disseminating the relevant training resources. •To formulate recommendations and principles regarding employer action and companies’ socioeconomic environment, and to adopt suitable resolutions with a view to undertaking specific actions. •To organize and maintain services to support and defend our members.

•To establish, maintain and encourage contacts and cooperation with national and foreign organizations of a similar nature and purpose, facilitating similar relations between the companies and associated organizations that are part of CEIM.

•To own, encumber, disencumber, dispose of and administrate all types of movable and immovable assets required to run the Confederation.

The companies and employers’ organizations included in CEIM have these general objectives. They believe in private initiative as the basic core for creating wealth and providing services to society.

Who can be a CEIM member?

Sectoral employers’ organizations or the multi-industry organizations within autonomous communities, regions or local areas that wish to join directly, regardless of their size.

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